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Our mission is simple: to entertain, inspire, and connect people through the power of humor and storytelling. We believe that laughter has the ability to transcend barriers, break down walls, and create lasting memories. Through our diverse range of services, we strive to bring humor and creativity to every project we undertake, leaving a lasting impact on our clients and their audiences.

(H)afrocentric Comics

(H)afrocentric is a comic book and comic strip that centers on the difficulties of life post college, told through the eyes of six friends with a lot of degrees and even more debt.

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Sasha and Condi

Sasha & Condi is a mockumentary style sitcom. Think a Black version of CNN’s decade-era documentaries meets Drunk History. Sasha and Condi, now in their mid 30s, are here to set the record straight and change the way the world recalls the 90s. The two childhood friends agree on the importance of affirmative action and slap bracelets, but they can’t seem to agree upon the best R&B group of the time or whether Magic Johnson putting his name on franchises is good for black folks.

Click here for the SASHA & CONDI PRESS KIT.

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Top Of The Charts - 90s R&B Edition

Top Of The Charts is a strategic card game similar to Unstable Unicorns but based on songs and "industry" cards, where you'll need to have a little bit of knowledge of (Black) 90's R&B culture—although you could still play it if you don't.  

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