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Sasha & Condi

Created By:

Chanel Glover & Juliana "Jewels" Smith

Year Released


Directed By

Lucrettia Stinette

Series Available:

Kweli TV, Black Oak TV

Sasha & Condi - Poster (1).png

Sasha & Condi is a mockumentary style sitcom. Think a Black version of CNN’s decade-era documentaries meets Drunk History. Sasha and Condi, now in their mid 30s, are here to set the record straight and change the way the world recalls the 90s. The two childhood friends agree on the importance of affirmative action and slap bracelets, but they can’t seem to agree upon the best R&B group of the time or whether Magic Johnson putting his name on franchises is good for black folks.


Each episode follows Sasha and Condi as they insert themselves in some of the biggest moments of that era; the OJ Simpson Trial, the Air Jordan fashion craze, the transition from tapes to CDs, the original Aunt Viv’s departure from Fresh Prince, the 2PAC and Biggie beef, the fall of South African apartheid, the first Black Abercrombie and Fitch models, the baritone’d Michael leaving Boyz II Men, the first Starbucks coming to town and Magic Johnson’s HIV announcement.​

Watch the show on Kweli TV.

Sasha & Condi Trailer

Sasha & Condi Trailer

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