Workshops are a great way to engage  students, practitioners, and professionals at all stages of their career. Contact me if you would like to bring one of these workshops to your next student event, professional development training, or conference engagement.

Workshops can be customized for teams—delivered sequentially or as a coordinated series.  Oftentimes  workshops are 2-3 hours.



Ever imagined yourself writing a comedy show, comic strip or just want to flex your funny bone?  Then this workshop is for you! With hands-on activities designed to make even the not-so-funny, funny, this dynamic workshop is great for organizational team building, student organizations, or professionals who want to explore humor writing.  


Participants will:


  • Learn how to craft a joke

  • Understand different kinds of humor and how to find your voice within them

  • Discover the benefits of humor

  • Be able to share your unique POV on any topic


Do you have an idea for a comic book but don't know where to start?  In this workshop, we will discuss the steps needed to develop a comic book from concept to finished product. By examining how to use character development, world building, and conflict, the class will provide a formula for writing scripts. 


Participants will:

  • Learn story structure for comic books

  • Be able to break down the roles of a writer, illustrator, inker, and colorist 

  • Receive tools to build your team


You've devoted time to reading HBR, browsed a couple of self-help books on influence, and made sure to use your yearly professional development funds to improve your leadership, but you still don't have the skills to tell an engaging and funny story.


Not to worry! Humor is a skill set that you build over time. Whether it's convincing colleagues about a project, connecting to peers, or selling to customers, the ability to tell a story with humor connects people. Research has shown that teams that laugh together spark more collaboration, creation, and productivity. 


In the four part series, Storytelling with Humor for Leaders, I will teach you the humor technique I use to promote inclusiveness, welcome conflict, and craft a culture of levity. Contact me to bring this course to your management team.